How to upload your produce ?


Please follow these steps to upload or edit your produce in our website.

After successfully registering (You should have received this email -> 'Congratulations! You are now a registered seller of straightfromfarmers'), open the website and click on the Seller -> Seller login.


 Enter your registered email id and password and click Login


On the seller dashboard page, Click the 'Manage Products' link on the left side panel of the screen.




 On the Manage products page, Click 'Add new product' on the right side of the screen.



 On the New Product page, set Select Attribute as 'Default' and Product type as 'Simple' then click Continue.



 This takes you to the page where you add the attributes of the product.   Select the appropriate product category from the list and fill in the required information (description, price, weight, quantity, SKU, etc.).  Then click 'SAVE PRODUCT' at the bottom of the page.




Then, most importantly, Click the 'My Profile' link on the left side of the screen.



 Please fill in all the ’MY PROFILE’ information -> You must enter the store name, state, and country. It is highly recommended that you also include links to your Facebook and Twitter pages (if applicable) and enable the 'Display your profile link in product detail page' check (tick) box.  This gives more clarity for the consumers and will urge them to buy your products.



 Your commodities will now be displayed under the respective categories in the website.  Follow the steps below to Edit your existing products.   


Click on Manage deals (on the left side panel of the screen).  Enable the check (tick) box against the relevant product  and click the 'Edit deal' option as shown below.


Modify the fields and click on Save Product button as shown below.


The product can be 'Edited' by clicking on 'Manage Products' as well.  Please see the screen shot below. Click on 'Manage Products',  Drag the Horizontal scroll bar to right and click on 'Edit Deal' option.  

Modify/Update the product info in 'Edit product' screen.


 If you have any questions, please send an email to



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