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Tropical Harvest Qld Pty Ltd

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What we do...

We process 100% Australian raw fruit into delicious, sulphur-free and additive-free dried fruit to be enjoyed by you.

 As the processor of the fruit, we are in a position to offer these delicious dried fruits directly to the customer

Where in the world are we...

We are located just outside of Tully, named as "Australia's wettest town", in the foothills of the beautiful Wet Tropics of North Queensland World Heritage Site. Our rural location allows us to source the majority of our fruit from local growers, reducing the environmental impact of transport all of the excess water!

How long have we been doing this fruit drying..We have been in business for a decade, gradually converting our banana and papaya plantation into a series of dryers and processing rooms. Over the years, our independent status has allowed us to experiment with different fruits and methods of drying - always ensuring that the fruit was dried without additives, preservatives or sulphur.

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