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The Chilli Effect

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The CHILLI effect sparked from two mates having high expectations for hot sauce and yearning for an adventure beyond their day jobs. Like you, we've repeatedly suffered the disappointment of store bought sauces claiming to be hot, when they're simply a vinegary sugar filled concoction of cheap ingredients with merely a chilli flake wafted over the bottle. Time for change...time for a new choice...time for the CHILLI effect!

Instead of just accepting a life of unsatisfying choices, we decided to get stuck in, quit our day jobs and make the hot sauces we love. Sauces that deliver awesome fresh flavours from great ingredients and that live up to the heat they promise on our Chilli Power Curve.

Since we started back in 2015 we've discovered the CHILLI effect is not just about making our own sauces and winning awards, it's much more than that. It's about engaging in the global community that adore their chillies, it's about working together with our local chilli producers to put Australia on the map as one of the best producers of quality chilli products in the world. Now that's the real CHILLI come on join us in enjoying the CHILLI effect together.

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