Seller information:

• Please read the sections 'How this site works' and ' Seller Information'.

• Upload 2 or 3 high-quality images of your produce.

• When adding a product, do not include your contact information (phone no, address, email id) in the ‘Description’ section.

• The nominal commission 7% is charged on every successful transaction (no listing or other hidden fees).

• To avoid returns and maintain a trustworthy relationships, please ship only high quality products to the customers.


Shipping information for sellers:

The customer pays for the freight during the checkout process. The shipping cost is calculated based on their delivery address. You are notified immediately an order is placed. Login to Sendle (our associated freight company), enter the pickup address (Seller address), delivery address (Customer address), Weight of the parcel and pay the freight.

Sendle collects the parcel from your doorstep and delivers to the customer's address (tracking information available). We transfer the proceeds of sale (minus the 7% commission) plus the freight cost to your registered bank account.

Alternatively , the seller can process, pack and ship directly to the customer themselves.



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