How does this site work?


•  Registered sellers upload their commodities to the website.

•  Customers purchase directly from growers.

•  Produce is shipped directly from Australian farmers/producers to customers (no middleman).

•  The seller is notified by email immediately an order has been placed.

•  The seller can either send via our associated freight company Sendle (requires seperate registration) or process, pack and ship directly to the customer themselves. 

  * Sendle collects the parcel from your doorstep and delivers to the customer. It offers a freight discount offer for consumers.

•  Sellers send a receipt proof to Straight from Farmers (proof to show the goods have been shipped to the customer).

•  Straight from Farmers then deposits payment into the seller’s bank account and notifies them when payment is made. 


  Buy directly from Aussie producers


No listing fees - No hidden fees - Secured transactions -  Commission charge of 7% is charged on every successful transactions only (for seller) - Effective on 16/11/2018



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