Surplus Home Grown Produce


How to manage surplus garden produce? 

Straight from Farmers also serves as a platform for people to Donate/Sell/Trade their home-grown surplus produce with other backyard growers or to the general public. Most of us are weary of those tasteless vegetables that seem to inhabit local grocery stores and big super markets. If you are harvesting more Fruits/Vegetables than your family can eat, you might be able to feed hungry families in your community or make a little money selling your surplus produce.

How does this work?

Step 1: Growers/Sellers can register and upload their produce for free.  

Step 2: Buyer can view the listings and contact the seller directly via our secured site

Step 3: The delivery and mode of payment (cash, credit/debit) needs to be discussed between the seller and buyer. Straight from Farmers just act as a facilitating platform to connect sellers to buyers

Step 4: Straight from Farmers doesn’t charge a single penny and it is absolutely free with no transaction or hidden fees. The reason for launching this initiative is to inform the community ‘Don’t let food go to waste at your backyard

If this initiative sounds exciting to you, please enter your email id below and register. This feature will be live and active effective on MAY 15 2017.

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