Buyer FAQ

How does the Straight from farmers marketplace work?

 The Straight from farmers Marketplace makes it easy to buy and sell farming, agricultural, Food/Beverages commodities in a safe, trusted environment.

Who can use the Straight from farmers marketplace?   

Anyone! If you are intended to sell farming, food/beverages commodities you can list them for sale in this Marketplace. If you want to buy farming, food/beverages commodities at good prices, you can buy them on the Straight from farmers Marketplace. Please Note this Marketplace is currently available only to those in Australia, however we are planning to expand our operations overseas shortly.     

Where is my Marketplace order?

Your seller should dispatch the item to you within 1-2 working days of you placing your order. However, neither Marketplace sellers nor Straight from farmers have any control over the postal system. If you think the item is late, Please contact us and we can check with the seller for the dispatch date/time. Most issues can be resolved quickly by communicating directly with your seller. Marketplace sellers are expected to maintain a high standard of customer service and should reply to your e-mail promptly.

If the seller doesn't reply to your e-mails?

We request the consumer to wait two to three working days after your first attempt to make contact, then email us to let us know. To help you resolve the problem quickly, we need you to include your order number and details of when and how many times you have attempted to contact your seller

How do I get a refund?

That depends on various factors.

- If you have received an item different to that described, or clearly in worse condition than indicated, you must contact the seller and let them know exactly what the problem is. Straight from farmers cannot generate a refund for you, only your seller can do this (if you e-mail straight from farmers to request a refund, we will request you to contact the seller). You must return the item directly to the seller as straight from farmers is an online marketplace and does not have any physical warehouse.
- If the seller doesn't reply to your e-mails, wait three working days, then email us to let us know
- If your seller refuses to give you a refund despite your attempts to resolve the issue amicably, we can assist you in every possible way to sort out this issue.

How do I cancel a Marketplace purchase?

Most of the Marketplace sellers begin processing orders almost as soon as they are placed, so it's not possible to cancel or change a Marketplace order via our website. However, sellers can process refunds and may be able to make changes if they haven't yet dispatched your order, so please contact the seller if you want to change or cancel your order. Remember that straight from farmers cannot cancel or change a Marketplace order on your behalf and we can't refund you for Marketplace purchases. If you e-mail us for these reasons, we'll ask you to contact your seller, by which time they may have already dispatched the item to you.

What if I have a question about a produce?

The Straight from farmers Marketplace makes it easy to directly ask sellers for more information, and sellers are expected to promptly respond.

 Is it safe to buy from straight from farmers?

Yes. Most of the people are real farmers/producers who enjoy the unique marketplace straight from farmers has to offer.   Also, we capture complete seller information to make sure we have a legit people joining us on board.

 What forms of payment are accepted?

Straight from farmers accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal.   Please note it is not required to sign up/login with PayPal, the buyer can just enter their credit/debit card details and checkout via PayPal.

How do I submit feedback?

In the product detail page, right beneath the ‘Add to Cart’ button, you can find the ‘Write your own review’.   Please write your comments and click Submit Review.

Who pays for shipping?

That depends on the product you buy. Mostly, Buyers are responsible for any shipping fees associated with returns.  However, returns shipping fees needs to checked with the respective seller, and straight from farmers is not responsible by any incidents

Are there any fees for buying in the Straight from farmers Marketplace?

Buyers pay no fees other than the cost of the item and any applicable shipping cost. 

Still have questions!

No problem! We are here to help!  Kindly send an email to cs@straightfromfarmers.com.au  and we will get back to you within 1-2 Business days.


Seller FAQ

How do I start selling?

Selling on Straight from farmers is very simple.  Please register by clicking the link Sellers -> Register as seller.   Once you have received your approval email ‘Congratulations! You are now a registered Seller of straight from farmers’`, you can start uploading your products in the website.

How do I upload my produce?

Please click on the footer link ‘How to upload your produce?’ for the steps to upload your products. You can also navigate to the page via this link -> http://straightfromfarmers.com.au/index.php/upload-produce-steps

What should I sell?

You can sell almost any farming/agriculture; Food/Beverages related (Legit) products. However, there are few constraints in selling some of the commodities (i.e Chemical products, Livestock).  We would request you to read through our Policy Information for more details.

How much will I get?

How much you get for an item depends on the quality, age and condition of the item. Also the most important factor is the supply and demand – the desirability of the item, plus how many other similar items are available in the marketplace at the same time.

How much will it cost to sell on Straight from farmers?

Kindly note there is no listing or hidden fees. Commision rate of 4.5% will be charged per successful transaction only.

How long will it take to sell?

How long it takes to sell depends on many things, for example:

  • How effectively you have priced your item
  • How well you have described your item
  • How good (Quality) your product images are
  • What services you provide – for example, free postage, 30+ day money back returns

Also, we have recently launched this marketplace website, so kindly bear with us.

When do I get paid?

Once you have shipped the order, please ensure to send us the ‘proof of receipt’ and we will transfer the funds (deducting our commission rate) to your registered bank account.  You should be receiving the funds within 4-6 business days.

Is it safe to sell on straight from farmers?

Yes. Most of the people are real farmers/producers who enjoy the unique marketplace straight from farmers has to offer.   Also, we capture complete seller information to make sure we have a legit people joining us on board.

Where can I get help?

We have recently launched this new marketplace start-up and currently don't provide phone support. But please don't take this for lack of interest on our part.  At the moment, we have simply found we can provide the most efficient and quick service via email

   Kindly send an email to cs@straightfromfarmers.com.au should you have any questions or suggestions.  We will get back to you within 1-2 Business days.

How does shipping work?  

You are requested to ship the goods within 1-2 working days of receiving an order. Straight from farmers is a marketplace website and at the moment we don’t have any physical warehouse.  The customer orders will be sent to the relevant supplier/producer who then ship the goods directly to the customer or use our associated ecommerce courier company 'Sendle'.   










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